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Microlandscape Round Dangle Earrings Long Silver Wire - Golden Dawn

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These gorgeous round earrings, hanging from a sterling silver wire are created by Chile-based Casa Kiro Joya. Inspired by an early morning drive along wetlands they capture the rising sun just illuminating the canals behind the haze, creating a fuzzy golden halo silhouetting the wetlands.

Casa Kiro creates microlandscapes out of painterly layers of resin combined with daily organic materials such as chia seeds, poppy, quinoa or amaranth. The fennel in front evokes fine grasses moving in the breeze. The 22 karat gold leaf in the background melts into an outline, evoking the golden halo of the misty dawn sky.

Each piece is completely handmade – an artistic rendering of the experience of the enchanting beauty of nature.

Size: Diameter: 2.25" Long x 1" Diameter
Materials: Sterling Silver, resin, fennel, amaranth and 22k gold leaf.

Every piece is individually hand-crafted, unique, unrepeatable and beautiful. There will be some variation from the photos.