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Vanina Bujalter

About Vanina

Vanina Bujalter, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a second generation award-winning weaver. Recognized by UNESCO, museums and jewelry competitions in Argentina and South America, Vanina's work is in museum and private collections around the world. She has been invited to teach at the University of Fine Arts in Shanghai, and for 15 years taught at the Jose Hernandez Museo de Artes Populares in Buenos Aires.

Each of her pieces is an exploration of materials, colors and techniques – a process of selecting materials and colors, using classical weaving techniques and developing new ones to create beautiful woven structures. She loves how materials and lines combine. Vanina weaves on a locally made four shaft loom in her studio. From such a humble tool, Vanina creates complex and graphic pieces that are decidedly complex, yet seem quite simple.

Her work is deeply rooted in Argentine and European textile traditions, yet exemplifies a truly modern aesthetic. It is timeless.

Vanina is passionate about what she does and always motivated and excited knowing that her pieces will travel around the globe. She feels connected to whomever uses them and knows that they, too, feel her dedicated, positive and inventive spirit.


Vanina constantly explores weaves. Studying and research is one of the most important starting points. For her, textiles are an expression of culture and the endless creative potential offered by this art.

She often uses plain weaves, twills and broken twills. These are traditional and classic designs that offer her unlimited possibilities to combine textures, lines and colors.

The designs are graphic, and the use of color renders them bold or softens the lines. We are always called to look at her work and then look deeper.  And because texture is so important, Vanina’s pieces feel like a wearable piece of art.


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Ribbon Necklace Collection

Vanina uses ribbon in this wonderful exploration of materials and color, transformed by the loom into seemingly liquid, metallic necklaces. She makes these in solid colors, or combinations of colors, sometimes hand dyeing the ribbons to achieve new shades.

The necklaces are beautifully woven and crafted into pieces that drape perfectly.

While made from textile material, they shine and fall like a liquid metallic material. They are light, alluring, enticing and fun to wear.

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An award winning necklace.

We love the how you can really see the consummate skill of making the graphic patterns.

A woven bracelet.

You can commission a bracelet, made to order to fit your wrist.

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