We curate handmade luxurious accessories, superbly crafted by women designers from around the world. Be transported and inspired by our global journey of exquisite artistry. Discover unique creations.

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Casa Kiro Joyas by Vania Ruiz

Joyous jewelry in hand painted resin and sterling silver by designer Vania Ruiz in Vina del Mar, Chile. Each piece is meticulously and thoughtfully created in multi-step processes. All reflect Vania's love of nature, her country and her infectiously joyous outlook.
Explore the Microlandscape, Butterfly and Botanical collections, all miniature works of wearable art.

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Chantal Bernsau

Chantal is a widely lauded pioneer of contemporary jewelry in Chile. She continually explores jewelry designs, materials and techniques. Each piece is carefully handcrafted – sewn, embroidered, woven - with love. The resulting designs are always intimate, elegant and exclusively hers.
the pieces are infused with one intention: To bring forth beauty, harmony, and consciousness. 
we wear Chantal’s jewelry, a subtle transformation occurs and we feel more beautiful.

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Vanina Bujalter

Hand woven by award winning designer Vanina Bujalter in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work is deeply rooted in Argentine and European textile traditions, yet exemplifies a truly modern aesthetic.
From her loom and her exploration of techniques, materials and color become timeless, magical necklaces and scarves.

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Artisan Treasures

Beautiful handmade textiles and gifts from master women artisans around the globe. These one of a kind, limited pieces have been designed and crafted by people we know. Some represent excellent examples of dying traditions and help to keep cultural richness alive. Others are beautiful examples of artisans using their talent to support themselves and their communities.
All have heartwarming stories.

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    Exquisitely Handmade. Look closely: the details of each piece are unique and embody the love, care and talent that went into the creation. They connect us.


    Custom orders are welcomed. Since production is by hand and limited, we will happily work with you to special order or commission pieces or even a small collection. Contact us.


    Everyone loves a story. And each of these treasures comes with a card giving insight into the makers, their techniques and culture. Explore the world's cultural richness with this artistry.