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Original Women

Microlandscape Botanical Earrings - Engraved Sterling Silver Border - Silver Twigs and Fronds

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The botanical elements are created by casting in silver organic forms Vania and her daughter find in the park across form their home –  tiny pine cones, twigs, fern fronds. For her daughter, the park is a large forest. For Vania, the park evokes childhood memories and the remote rainforests of southern Chile.

Here, these beautiful, asymmetric earrings combine the small golden dawn of wetlands with the  silver cast of twigs and fern fronds.

Approx. Dimensions: .5 inches wide at top,  2.5 inches long,

Materials: Sterling silver border, twig, fern and posts; resin, fennel fronds, 22k gold leaf.

These earrings are individually handmade. No two are exactly alike. All are beautiful!