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Handpainted Juan Fernandez Hummingbird Pin - Green and Blue

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The Juan Fernandez Firecrown Hummingbird is native to Isla Robinson Crusoe, part of a small Pacific archipelago belonging to Chile. This critically endangered little bird is only found on that island.

These hand made and painted pins are inspired by the brilliant and iridescent female Juan Fernandez Hummingbird. Completely hand painted in layers of resin, we see the details of the feathers and spotted belly. The back of the pin is playfully painted and signed.

This darling pin is sure to brighten any lapel, sweater or scarf.

Dimensions:  3 inches Long x 1.5 inches wide

Materials: Resin with stainless steel pin.

Each pin is completely handmade, so no two will be exactly alike. All are beautiful!