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Original Women

Crin Earrings with Silver Beads by Chantal Bernsau- Fuschsia and Pink

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These beautiful earrings are hand woven out of fine horse hair in one rural community in Chile. Chantal Bernsau began working with them over 20 years ago, collaboratively designing jewelry that treasures the artisan traditions, applies it to contemporary designs and and infuses it with love.

The resulting designs are always intimate, elegant and exclusively hers.
All the pieces are infused with one intention: To bring forth beauty, harmony, and consciousness. When we wear any piece of Chantal’s jewelry, a subtle transformation occurs and we feel more beautiful.

All pieces are handmade and unique. No two will be the same.

Materials: Crin , Sterling silver beads and wire

Dimensions: 3.5 inches long from wire fold, 1.5 inches wide